Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wawwwwwww, finally after one month and a half, i was in Baghdad two days ago,we had business over there,really i was missing Baghdad so much, I was missing everything in Baghdad from pedestrians to heavy traffic...etc, when we passed through Technology University, my memories get back about those day I spent it hanging out with my friend at Technology University to attend graduation parties.

I saw the students when they passed the high way by using the pedestrians bridge, it was just 10 seconds from the my Hammer vehicle's window but that moment refreshed my soul and got me back for few minutes to my normal personality (civilian personality).

Nowadays all Iraqi universities get prepare for graduation parties, i heard from people i already have contact with them that the parties will begin from today in some universities, like Baghdad University, and I heard from another new friend(you know yourself!) that the graduation party for Technology university will be on May 4Th I'd like to say thank you to his/her to inform me about the date of that party, waw I wish to be over there but actually this year I'm not in Baghdad, and it's very difficult to me even if i get permission from my boss to be there in exact time, because nobody can expect the weather and flying schedule.

I forgot to tell you something, we signed our new contract 3 days ago, honestly we got bonus 100$ as an extra above usual salary,so i invite all my readers on Pizza Hot,just come see me at any military base!!!.

Now , Titan (the old corporation) went away and a new corporation called GLS (Global Linguist Solution) came instead of Titan, if you wonder about the reason??????????? you can find it by searching on Internet, in addition of business reason i thing there is another reason about security issue and some issues like that as i read on Internet.

There is another thing I'd like to tell you about, that thing about my name, you can called me Sami, one of my best reader (best pen-pal friend), ask me about any name he/she can called me, so i choose Sami!!!!!!.

I'd like to put any picture in my blog from a while so the following below is a picture from FOB Prosperity in the center of Baghdad:

Be in safe if you are in Iraq, see you later if you aren't from Iraq!!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Heyyyyyyyyyyyy, I still live!

First of all, I apologize to all my readers about my absence for a while, but please give me the execution for that, I had realy busy those days(with Mahdi Army), from mission to mission, from house to house and from raid to raid, i never sat down if front of pc at all.

Now the situation is much better but it is still unstable.

I got a lot of Email during those days from all kinds of people around the world, and actually i'm trying to reply them this night after finishing this post.

Actually i missed Nerotica blog too much, but honestly i read her blog before jumping to my blog, she wll have a great vacation, hope you enjoy your vacation Nerotica.

I'll tell you about the the Email i got next post!