Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's day

It's a quick post!
I'm just would like to say:
Happy Mother's day for all mothers around the world,
And special Congratulations to my mom, I love you mom...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

SOI,two sides of one coin!

Hi folks...

I was in desert base(as I call it) few days ago, the base we belong to ,actually we had a meeting over there,Iraqi-American meeting,to be more clear,SOI(Sons Of Iraq)- American meeting, SOI as American call them recently and CLC (Concern Local citizen) previously.

If you're tracking with news, the Americans began this new experiment in Ramadi (west of Iraq) when the American leadership decided to support the tribes and people over there in order to quit Al-Qa'eda at that time,I think Americans have succeeded in Ramadi,and the reason was that Al-Qa'eda didn't has deeply relationship with the people in Ramadi,I agree the people in Ramadi supported and helped Al-Qa'eda by joining to them and make their houses as a safe place for them,but when Al-Ramadi people decided to awake from their sleeping, they did a good job,everyone knows by money you can solve any problems, so the American understood the game's rules at that time,they provided the tribes members with all weapon's type, they provided them by the money and the power, nowadays...Al-Ramadi is one of the safest place for American and Interpreters(lol), when I was in Green Zone to hire,I asked that person who is in charge about sending people to all bases around Iraq, I asked him, if he has vacancy job in west of Iraq (Al-Ramadi),but he told me, they are full, they don't need more terps over there.

The Americans tried to do the same successful experiment with the other side, I mean JAM(Jaish Almehdi-Almehdi Army), but as I saw here around my sector, they failed,keep in your mind that you can ceduce JAM easily, not like Al-Qa'eda,I heard that from Americans themselves,one of them told me,Al-Qa'eda has their ideology,he came here to die, he is still in front of you until you kill him or he kill you,they don't care about the money as much as JAM care, now of course, you ask yourself,if they care about the money,we can use the same way we used it in Al-Ramadi???,Yes, that's right, but here we have another factor stronger than money, that thing is: Family ties.

Imagine with me:

I'm Shiite,I'm working as interpreter,of course I've a relative has contacts with JAM directly or indirectly,let's say he is just supporter,when someone catch me and I'm in Shiite neighborhood, who will release me???of course my relative (keep in your mind not all Shiite have contacts with JAM, but most of them, about (90%),in addition,most of Shiite (if we don't say all) nowadays employees in MOI (Ministry Of Interior). would like to hear facts, no problem,let me tell you:

The team who i work with responsible to train and support X Iraqi forces, one day when we were over there, one of them asked us about our salary,and one of my coworker told him the right amount we got,then he asked us about how many days we take every month?at that time I told him we take vacation days every three or six month and honestly the vacation days depends on the unit you work with!, at that time one of them jump in the middle and said: I think you take 4 days every month(lol), it's not big deal if someone knows that, but he told us that with confirmation sign draw-ed on his face, then he begun talk with us in English language(lol),soldier in Iraqi forces speaks clear english language(wow),he is better than me(believe me hahahaaaa, yes he is better than me),the same coworker of mine told him directly, were you interpreter before??,of course, he said: no, and then after talking with him about 15 minutes, he said: my brother is interpreter!!!, that's great, he is in Iraqi forces and his brother interpreter with Coalition forces,actually it doesn't make sense,I know if you are not Iraqi you never understand why that situation is strange (because the Iraqi people look at the terps as a big fortune,he can ask ransom from his family if catch him),let me continue that story,my coworker felt more safe when he heard that soldier's brother is terp too,so he summons the courage and ask him the question that is always in our mind(the question of million $), he asked him of course all that in English language around 6 guys,but you know nobody knows English, so they were like a deaf in the wedding party as we said in Arabic proverb,he asked him exactly this question:"OK brother let me ask this question and i hope you be honest and strait with me,if you saw me in normal life (civilian life) will you do something to me?", I didn't imagine he asked him that stupid question, but the guy respond him honestly and told him (if I see you , I'll never do anything,because the Americans survived me twice,and you are belong to Americans and the second thing is, my brother interpreter, so what will i do with you,someone will do with my brother whatever when, but I can not guarantee that my coworkers will let you go,they will catch you and then they will sell you to another group if they don't have possibilities to make a ransom with your family,and of course the will kill you if they make sure you are involved about any issue related with them", by the way,Al-Qa'eda will never ever release you and they will tear you neck directly(as we said(the interpreters) you will be a little bit lucky if JAM catch you).

He never shocked me, because I know that very well,then we finished our conversation and return to Arabic language.

I forgot something to tell you, I asked him before we finished our conversation,don't be scared when you are talking with us in English language in front of them, and he said, everyone here knows that I'm college student and all studying materials in English language!, for the readers I'd like to tell them nobody can handle any conversation with any English native language person because he is college student!!! and there is another thing I'd like to tell you,most of our soldier didn't finish their high school if I don't say their primary school.

So,family ties is stronger than money and the strategy we used it in Al-ramadi is not efficient with JAM.

But I think the JAM is smart ass enough to paly "Cat and mouse game" with the Americans,so you can see the SOI leaders,the same guys were fight-ed and argued the people to fight the Americans in the past, nowadays riding BMW tracks and have that steal shining weapons and each SOI member gets about 300$ each month when the fresh graduated guy get about 200$ if he is lucky and found a job.

Do you think that is fair!!!

Let me read your comment, but I think It's fair in our new Iraq!,because the voice of arms is stronger than any other voice.


I'd like to mention to my readers that my blog had a sister now,yes,It is a new terp blog,his blog has a great English writing skills(not like me, too far from perfect as Abbas hawazin said (lol)), by the way Mr. Abbas, you mentioned to my blog at but the link moves you to another site, I'd like to say Hello and welcome to blog-sphere SAM, your blog is the best supporter to me,because nobody can feel us like ourselves,I discovered your blog yesterday by Hayder alkoie blog(eye raki), I read all your posts yesterday and right now I'm reading your new post:

"Americans most favorite questions to the interpreters "

I invite all reader concerns about Iraq to take a look on that great blog, It's really interesting and he needs your support as I need it, and I'll answer the questions that he posted in his blog in the comments fields.

As i said always:

Be in safe if you are in Iraq, see you later if you aren't from Iraq!!!!!