Sunday, July 27, 2008

what's going on nowadays...

Hi , how are you? Different topics,take my attention nowadays, and different funny video I'd like to share with you... First of all, let me show you what's going these days in Faluja and Ramadi which was the hottest area one day...................... believe it or not.............

this is KFC in Faluja, yes itsn't real franchise, they just taken the name.
“it a successful experiment that the city of Fallujah are open to the world and are currently receiving all manifestations of modernity and Western restaurants,most of our costumers from young people like to get out on the tradition even in the food and experience of those meals, especially meat and cheese segments which are in demand, adding that the love of change pushed me to go to this type of work “, the owner of the KFC fast food, Omar Kazem said.
Source: Arabic report

We are busy nowadays for security preparation for annual anniversary of Imam Musa Ja'far Al-Kazem's death (the seventh of the Twelver Shia Imams., more information about Imam Musa Ja'far Al-Kazem,you can find it below:

Our work will be ensure protection for all visitors, and make sure everything is going smoothly.
The idea is, the people will come from all parts of Iraq, towards the capital Baghdad, and visit his shrine in Khadimiya, that means all troops will be stand by in whole Iraq.
Three more things here:
1-this is a Shiite ceremony.
2- normally, you going to see a lot of tents set in the streets and roads,so the visitors can sit down and take rest in these tents, you going to see people standing beside these tents, some of them cooking food and feed the visitors and the others serve water and Iraqi tea (Chi) to the visitors.
3- you going to see colored flags waving on the main road, and you use to see most of people come to Baghdad on foot, and you use to see pople doing these things (even I don't know what you call what they do):

Here are two selected videos from YouTube about this special ceremony.

last thing
here is video my email got, it's funny video you aren't going to understand what is that guy saying, the video is normal but the interpretation comment, is funny, he say:

Conda: Hello Jalal
Jalal: hello Conda
Conda: thank you very much
Jalal: “ keep kissing Conda and saying” I fall in love with you, I fall in love with your father, I fall in love with America,I fall in love with all of you, (Conda say: that's enough, stop kissing) I fall in love with all people like you(america), I fall in love with you, without you help, I'm not the president right now,(Conda say: thank you thank you) I fall in love with you, I fall in love with any person fall in love with you

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Keeping Blogging More Difficult Than Army Missions

Keeping Blogging More Difficult Than Army Missions
Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone contacted me by Email for asking, thanks to all readers, thanks Neorotica, thanks MrGhost, I had seen my interview and I like the picture you put it.
I'd like to say big " Hi " to Sam, and thanks God you back to your out post safely, Welcome Back buddy!
During my vacation , I was still thinking about my blog, and I'd like to write in the future,I got lots Email, most of them positive and the others are just bullshit, to be honest with you, I had thought to shut my blog off,and never back to it, many Emails i had been received affect in me, I also thought to create new blog but in Arabic, so may be I can help the people by giving them some helpful guidance and instruction about how to deal with army during any raid or search operations, many Emails had received asking me to guide them to that corporation that hired us, and how to deal with their exam, I helped them by telling them where can they go? and what type of questions they gonna expect!, Email from Media Organization and cyber organization invite me to participate with them making news and various reports specially about Iraq.
One type of Emails took my attention, that was for those guys would like to work as Interpreter!, I ask myself many times! Am I doing the right thing when I helped them and told them where and when should they go? few days ago when I discussed this issue with my workmate "S", he gave me negative view point, He told my:
S:why are you putting a mask when we go mission?
Me: honestly,because I don't trust people, and I don't know who gonna meet in place we going to
S: So what's your guarantee that the person you gave him help by Email,wont be one of untrust people you try to avoid?! what's your guarantee that the person you gave him help wont come in in our base by chance?!
Me: I don't know, I didn't think about all that, I just think about one thing when I received his/her Email, I thought he need help, and should be help him, because one day I was need this help and wish some one help just to help, not because I'm his relative or I'm from his neighborhood or we are from the same sectarian, or same religion.
S: Help yourself and then help the others
I thought about what he said, and honestly It makes sense, but, I have to help them,whatever their evil plan or thoughts, I got back to my memories when I had nothing to go to college at that time and I need just to know the place and the way to that corporation makes hire for people as interpreters.
May be I'm wrong, but I did that with goodness intention, and there is another thing, If some thing wrong happen to them, will it be my fault? I felt guilt, and I need your view of point about this issue,what do you thing SAM, Do I did mistake? what do you thing Neurotica? You are in Iraq, and you know what I mean literally.
everything was going good in final exam, I got back about 7 days ago, and directly went and doing some missions and raids,my family gave me a call last night telling me, my brother was succeed and pass to next class, he is in college too, really was a good news.
A lot of thing in my mind nowadays about blog and family and my future, I will talk about that next post.
Now I leave you with some pictures I took them last vacation, these pictures can give you a side from our life in our Iraq and gonna get Iraqis live abroad sweet memories about these places... have enjoy!!!
Two storey Bridge in Al-Jadirya neighborhood (Jisir abo Al-tabekain), near one of the International Zone's Entrance, if you keep going under bridge, you will reach at

Abdul Aziz al-Hakim house, leader of Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, before these houses were belong to Saddam's followers,LOL, the house still house but its owner recently is the opposite of the first owner,hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa.As we say in Arabic: day with you and day against you.

Square intersection near that Bridge
another side view for that Square intersection
Road leads to Liberty Square intersection ( Al-Hurreya square), Look at the picture at power pole,It's for Abdul Aziz al-Hakim's brother, he passed away in Samara' shrine blast which was the first spark that led to Sunni and Shiite fighting lately
Related pictures about Abdul Aziz Al- Hakim(I'm always say: Politics is a dirty game)
The Seal for Ice Cream shop,I think, the oldest and most famous Ice Cream shop(Al-Faqma Ice Cream) in Baghdad(until now, most Iraqi people going to this place and hanging ou over there specially at sunset time)
Al-Karada neighborhood(outside Karada) (Al-Karada Kharej), one of the biggest christian neighborhood in Baghdad,before it was famous by its Top Fashion shops, but now, it's famous by its power generator's shops and Air cooler's shops (the most profit business in our Iraq)
Green Air coolers on the left side
Finally this Folkloric song for all readers, especially Iraqis:

See you next time...