Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's day

It's a quick post!
I'm just would like to say:
Happy Mother's day for all mothers around the world,
And special Congratulations to my mom, I love you mom...


Sam said...

yea man,
by the way i've asked alot of terps and i asked them wat the most thing u miss from home? most of them said thier Moms..
i miss my mom and i LUV HER TO DEATH..even i cant call her cuz i'll cry and she'll cry the past 2 months ive been here i talked to her only maybe 3 times..i miss kissing mom's hands..i miss her hug and her kidness...i miss everything in her..I LUV U MOM..
i still stuck in the base and still no flights and i still damn sick..
have a good one bro..
c ya..
HaPpY MoThErS DaY again..

Mister Ghost said...

Hi Iraqi Translator and Sam,
I wished a friend in Uzbekistan Happy Mother's Day for her mother, and she told me they celebrated it already on March 8. So, you never know how customs vary around the world. :) I wasn't sure you celebrated Mother's Day in Iraq or not. Well, since it's too late for that, Happy Father's Day for your fathers next month Take care.

iraqi-translator said...

Hey sam
I wish you get better, I can feel your sufferings about flights,Allah help you man,I hope you get home safely as soon as possible.
Hi mister ghost
We celebrate on Mother's day on March 21th,but unfortunately we don't have Father's day

neurotic_wife said...

IT, wainak???Miss your posts

Sandybelle said...

Hello Sami,
How are you? i hope fine. and i hope everything is going well.
I found your blog among Sam's links and liked it, and i hope you'll accept my visit :) :). i'll be here always in my spare time. :)
happy mother day, and i hope that god will always protect our mothers who suffer a lot to make us able to stand strongly in the life.
send my best wishes to your mama and you are in my prayers.

BTW, if you dont mind, i added your blog to my links. :)

Anonymous said...

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