Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi guys...
Today will be Thanksgiving day.......or Turkey day, because Turkey will be the main dish in this
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone...
Few days ago, I had kind of argument with an officer called(R) in my team, but then everything going well, you know guys, I discover something in my personality: first of all, I have swimming mood, and get angry quickly...the only thing calm me down when I'm angry or mad from something, the musics...I go and grab my gadget, and start listening to the musics...It doesn't matter Arabic or English that music as It matters be sad or happy one...

Messages fro my heart to her heart:
Hi sweet heart, off course I'm missing you, I got your SMS yesterday, and I was very happy, I'm always pray for you, you are not just in my mind, but in my heart, believe me or not, whenever I got back from mission, the first thing I did, check in my cell phone inbox, to see if I got new message from you.
How do you feel right know?How is your mom and dad and the others?
Please keep In touch whenever you get free time.

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