Friday, March 14, 2008

i know they will coming here!!!!!!!!!!!

It'll be a short post, they are coming here, the people that just has and knows the cursing words, their job is just cursing the other, welcome to my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From the first time i decided to publish my blog, i know you will coming here, but i never imagine you will cursing my readers, cursing me , talking shit on me, that's ok.... i'll bear all that, because when i decided to publishe this blog, i decided to be open for all peoples without any exception, even the comments moderation, i never limit it, but when you cursed my readers, it should be removed those comments and that what happend.
For all my readers,I'm here just to say my mind,i know very well i'll die here, i know that, and you can read what i wrote in the top of the blog..................." we are traitors and we are spies", i never beg you attention to read my blog, or beg your help to pick me up from Iraq, no you are wrong, I'm here for simple live because i never know how to kill and kidnapping people to join to milisha or tearing the neck to join to Al-Qa'da, so i tried to use my mouth to be just like a shadow or machine to translate from this to that.
you believe me or not, i don't care.
For the cursing people:
I know who are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because don't forget, i was with you sometime, and i have the truth that you already scared from it.
I have the truth from both sides American/iraqi so i know who i am.......
See you my friends next time if i still live to that time.


RhusLancia said...

Stay safe man! Don't worry about the e-Mukhabarat. We're all used to them. Just keep your blog sunglasses on and they'll show themselves as the fools they are.

Average American said...


I have to say again, PLEASE BE CAREFUL! We love to read your words and hear the truth about what's going on, but not if it costs you or your family your lives. When you say you have to hide your blogging from the others, I assume you mean the other Iraqis. I can see no reason the Americans would have a problem with it, at least not after they read it. You perform the same service as Michael Totten and Michael Yon do--maybe on a smaller scale, but just as important. Unbiased reports of real life in this war are essential to maintain public support. Again, please stay safe and God bless you and yours!

Anonymous said...


Always, only what is safe for you and your family! We want to hear what you have to say, but not at the expense of your well being. Fortunately, the offensive comments were removed before I checked the comments. However, I'm still upset that anyone had to read them. Those type of people are what we call "trolls". Nasty little buggers, who waste bandwidth with their demented comments, that no one cares about or wants to be bothered reading. Please do delete them and ban them from posting on your blog. There are so many things of interest to discuss. Freedom of speech is great! But, you don't need to allow idiots to muck up your blog.

Kind Regards,

iraqi-translator said...

RhusLancia,average american,and my friend Bamboo,
You are allright,I'll never stop posting,but at the same time i'll take care about myself and my family.
Hey........rhuslancia,i like this word from you!!!!!!!(emukhabarat)
average american, 100% you are right about your sentence "Unbiased reports of real life in this war", I'll trying to do my best without any biasing.
I'm always glad to hear from you, i picked up a new word from your comment,heheheeeee,"trolls" you know i'm always learning , thank you , realy appreciate your support.

Jeffrey said...


As RhusLancia wrote, we've been dealing with the e-Mukhabarat for years already. As a blogger with an open comments page, you are the one who has to decide on the rules for commenters. Bloggers vary in their tolerance for name-calling and heated attacks that occur in many debates. You might want to tell the commenters what you will and won't allow.

CMAR II, my co-blogger along with RhusLancia, found your blog and typed up an entry on it. We'll try to send you more readers. Listen, do whatever you have to do to stay safe -- even if that means shutting down your blog or starting a new one under a different name. We'll read whatever you write, but your safety is more important that anything else.

Jeffrey Schuster
Iraqi Bloggers Central

And yes, "troll" is a very good word for those knuckle-draggers.


iraqi-translator said...

You are right,"safety is more important that anything else"
You welcome anytime, Jeffrey.

Anonymous said...

Thank you brave Iraqi man, for helping the Americans in Iraq. Its people like you, that make the difference. Be proud. =0)

Posted by an American mother

Angel said...


The more I read the more worried I become about your safety, and the safety of your family.

It may be not only Iraqi's to worry about. I can see a problem with the Americans, if you were to write about something that had gone wrong for them.

Please be careful.

neurotic_wife said...

U ok IT???

Anonymous said...

Gee, another Iraqi asslicker trying to get a visa to the US. Join the club. Several Iraqi bloggers did the same only to stop blogging after they left.

iraqi-translator said...

neorotic, angel,last anony,
you welcome

Mister Ghost said...

Bonjour Iraqi Interpretor,
Here's the thing, if it's your time to go, it's your time to go.

You can be in the middle of a major firefight and not have a single round come anywhere near you, but you could return home after duty, and be run over by a donkey cart.

I had a friend who lived in Miami. She was shot at. The bullet grazed her forehead above her eye and she lost some vision but lived. A little lower or a little higher and at a slightly different angle and POW, you're on personal speaking terms with God.

Such is the nature of our destinies...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous, March 22, 2008 7:17 PM, is another example of a potential troll. They tend to have very strong opinions, lack compassion, and make many assumptions. How does this person KNOW whether or not you intend to apply, or even want to apply, for a US visa? How does this person know whether or not you would continue to blog, if you relocated?

You know how some people always tend to be optimistic? They are a pleasure to be around, because they automatically see the positive side in any situation first. However, they are realistic and will also acknowledge and discuss the negative side, too.

Then, there's the people who automatically see everything negative about a situation first, whether it's real and factual, or imagined. These people often respond with critical or cynical comments, and are very reluctant to acknowledge any positive aspects of a situation. Although I don't see this as a complete definition of a "troll", Internet "trolls" do seem to fall into this category. I honestly feel bad for these people, because it seems their brains are hardwired towards the negative. It's like they don't even have a conscious choice in the matter to look for the positive first, and magnify that. Instead, you can count on them to always search out and magnify the negative aspects of a situation.

Actually, trolls are probably necessary in society to play the part of the "devil's advocate". I'm just glad that's not my job! I'd hate to be trapped in a body with that mind set.

Kind Regards,

an iraqi girl said...

Best wishes and i will pray for your safty . Don't worry about the scumbags who harasse you , jut ignore them.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto this blog, read quite a guts tell me there's something fishy about you...that this whole blog's fake, written by somebody imitating poor knowledge of w/s english.
Sorry if my guts are mistaken, I'll be back to check your reaction. Confident you'll strive to keep it as simple and straightforward as mine!

Fränz, G.D. of Luxembourg

PS: No hostility intended, just confronting my guts.