Monday, March 10, 2008

My best friends ...

For the first time in my life Spent vacation at home but feel any freedom, in spite of long-term leave, which exceeded ten days, but I did not mind at ease.
Working with the American forces relaxed somewhat especially nowadays, but when these forces working with Iraqi forces, this means more complications security.
The general view that says: each work has advantages and disadvantages.
In our work, there were two types of action:
One: there is no mixing with the Iraqis permanently, it is raids and cordon and searches, and this is relatively good, but this work is not for those with weak hearts, often if you are iraqi heart and mind have understanding with the soldiers on the agreed way in raids, some of them, especially with long experience, the Army fully trust them and give them confidence right to speak and express their opinions, and recommendations, and so on, either new entrants to the work, they were two types:
First type, he'll shocked for the first time, he felt Now the truth in front of him, not as seen on television, and at that moment, relying on his personality, will be asked to transfer to another unit in the hope that the new unit be different.
second type, is originally wanted to retaliate!!!!! Wants to show his allegiance to the Americans, believing him to be sincere in action can be obtained from coarse treatment and severe beatings of Iraqis either with or without cause. This was for the combat units, where most of its troops from young soldiers and sergeants.
There is another kind of work, and we call, advisers, and the team that is working on this subject, fully responsible for the Iraqi forces, whether army troops, or national guards or police, or border troops or special forces, it is important that be their mission and responsibilities associated with iraqi military unit. The advantages of these advisers units to be limited only to practical training then controling , in fact, you will not be in a raid, except in rare cases, because the Iraqi force will be with you, they will do it, and you just give tips for them. The disadvantages from this kind of work, you will be with the Iraqis at least twelve hours a day, and in this case you will be with them always, and this is off course, put yourself in critical positions, Imagine you are walking on the street and someone called you by your nickname What will your reaction at that time !!!!!In both cases, there is no room at all for dispensing with the best friend to the interpreter, that is being Sunglasses!!!!!!!!!!.
Off course my sunglasses my best friend, but should be say here, i have a lot of friends like, my mask, my conduct lenses,and their relatives!!!!!! hair style,eyebrow style!!!!!!!I know you are laughing now,but there is no comment, just join to us and you Will not see what you see in your life, you will see amazing things.See you next post.


Anonymous said...


Are you saying that it is safer for you when you go out with only the American troops, and it is more dangerous for you to go out with the Iraqi soldiers?

Are you saying the translators, who treat the Iraqis harshly, are more trusted by the Americans?

I'm having a little bit of trouble understanding everything you are saying. The way you write your sentences leaves me with questions. That's NOT a criticism of your English! I don't speak any Arabic.

Keep writing in English. The more you write, the better you will get at delivering your message to your readers.

Kind Regards,

neurotic_wife said...

IT, how long have you been doing this? I know guys who did this from the first day of the war. And how come you havent applied to the US visa...I know Im jumping the gun here, but am very curious.

Oh and how do the Iraqi forces treat the normal Iraqis during raids? How does that differ from the US forces?

CMAR II said...

I am so excited in anticipation for your next post. I have added you to the IBC blogroll so keep them coming. God be with you, friend.

Mister Ghost said...

"Kill the collaborator, kill the collaborator."


You know someone is going to eventually write that.

Well, I hope you can tell us all about the Brothel in The Green Zone. I have done some research on Sex and the Iraqis, and this Brothel is the stuff of legend.

You know the mask you wear so as to occult your identity, have you thought of getting a mask like Jason from Friday The 13th? Or maybe an Ayatollah Sistani Scarecrow Face, guaranteed to scare children from Basra to Mosul.

Well, I hope you're legit and not playing us.

There's about 10 Iraqi bloggers who have played their American readers
over the years. But then again, concerning the Americans and Iraq, they have been played by the Iraqis, the Iranians, the Kurds, the Turks, and the Saudis, so why shouldn't the Iraqi bloggers have their share of the fun?

Anonymous said...
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neurotic_wife said...

Anon, Im not bemused at all by you. Ishon 7uthala...Off hi il ashkal imnain ti6la3 I have no clue...Besides why do you keep trashing people's comments? Dont you have anything better to do...Go read and educate yourself

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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neurotic_wife said...
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neurotic_wife said...

Wow anon, I must have intimidated (I hope you know the meaning of the word, maybe u should look it up) you so much,lol....What a waste of space and air...7aramat..Oh and anon, next time you come and visit me, Im sorry, but you will be DELETED...Im getting bored with the same words..Maybe if you learn another language, I will leave your comments...Have fun!!!

IT, dont worry...You in everyones eyes, a hero...Dont let these low lives get to you. Itha chan beehum khair, they could have invested their time in better things than cursing. They sure do need alot of washing of the mouth, more like scrubbing... :)And IT, I think you should delete him/her too

Iraqi Mojo said...

anonymous mu6y, is Iraq finished because the ba3thi scum of earth finished? is that why Iraq is finished?

Anonymous said...

neurotic_wife, my gosh you can dish it out when pushed, you must of had brothers growing up.

iraqi-translator said...

Dear Bamboo,
First of all, i'm realy appreciate your comment even when you face trouble understanding everything i wrote.
The explanation for that:
Honestly,I don't have laptop, and my english language skill isn't good enough to write everything i want to say, in addition i'm among 20 soldiers,most of them are young, if one of them, just see the word "translator" in my blog's title, he will making troubles for me from nothing,i know i did nothing wrong, but at least he'll accused me and send me to Boka!!!!!!!!!! (Jail in Basrah) to investigate with me, for that reasone i had written in this way:
Write the post in arabic and then by using "google translate" i converte it to english,so in this way took less time than writing whole post in english.
from know i'll write my own words, sorry to my readers.
about your questions:
1-It's safer than the second type,let me explain:
When you work with US forces,you will face just the explosives, and you can not doing anything for these.
But when you work with US forces and Iraqi forces, in addition of the explosives, you will face another potential danger, that is when someone knows you and recognize you!!!!!!!!!!!! what will you do when someone in the street calling you by your nickname in front of the people (Hey... Rojer... the translator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
2-especially when he is hateful against the other sectarian than he had and his operation areas in that sectarian area
(He is Shite and working in sunni areas or he is sunni and working in Shite areas)
I never say all of them but some of them and espacially the new translators.
It doesn't matter he is trusted from American or not.
Hey Neurotica......I'm here in my new unit three months ago,it's too early to talk about that, but, i'm realy want more information from you about this issue!!!!!!!!!!!!especially the procedures.
about your question,my next post talks about that........Iraqi/Us Forces treatment during raids.
cmar ii,
Thank you for your support,that's what i need from this blog.
mister ghost, first of all, welcome.
i don't care about anyone,i write my mind
iraqi mojo, whitehawk, welcome.
Welcome anyno........but without cursing