Friday, March 7, 2008

Strange Community (Community of translators)

I did not imagine that we will get to that stage where I think that we Iraqis, particularly the community in which I live " translators community" insulting each other in fron of American, this is what happened today, three days after my return from leave.
Cursing and indecent words and threats, I already heard about that before, but the case is different if you hear these things in this community, every word is meaningful here, and especially the threat, we are special visitors for the so-called threat.
This is the second time that this guy (Zatot) threatens the person married his nickname is (Amlah). I was silent, and the American watching what is going on. I do not know why, I have seen the life is very mean, started thinking and getting why all these things heppen to us, quickly went(escaped) to the Internet, and opened neurotica's site and started read it.
From neurotica's site i'm always learing new words added by Neurotica in each post. I was really very lucky to have found Nirotka have added a new post at that moment(Eternal Peace) , when i read it i conclude one thing only in our story, that thing is tragedy.
I have no interesting now to write much, but I must write this time, i failed to write a post more than one time before but today with that situation I had to write to feel comfortable .
I must thank all the people who still supporting me and help indirectly, in everything, especially Dr. Faiza, and Ms. Fayrouz, and off course i'll never forget my inspirationdo who always led me and inspired me and by her words and her culture , my blogmate Neurotica. Finally I'd like to say to Neurotica the mercy of God to Teresa and all Iraqis.


neurotic_wife said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere IT!!!Im so happy you have finally joined!!! I am so looking forward to read all about you and your work. May God Bless all Iraqis...

programmer craig said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. I ahve you bookmarked, but probably won't comment much. I try not to comment on Iraqi blogs much anymore, but I'll be reading :)

Seraphine said...

I wish with translation comes understanding and a better world.

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Iraqi Translator. I am looking forward to read ur blog.
All the best.


Anonymous said...

Welcome IT!! It takes guts to do what you do. I hope you find some peace, friendship, and support on these blogs. A friend of mine thought about going to Afghanistan as a translator but he came under a very big threat....his wife : ) Good luck my friend, Solo

Fayrouz said...

Hi I.T.,

Good to see another Iraqi writing about his/her experience in Iraq or other places.

Keep up the posts coming.

tib said...

bookmarked already. thanks IT!


Abbas Hawazin said...

hello iraqi translator,

I am glad you have decided to write, we need to hear about your viewpoint because it is rarely heard and often with prejudice.

Just please be careful not to add many details. I will add you to the Iraqi Blog Count soon as I can.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. I've been folliowing blogs from Iraq since before March 2003. Please tell us some more general details about yourself: how old are you? where were you educated? where did you learn English? Keep it up, and keep the 'faith.'

Anonymous said...

Greetings, Iraqi-Translator!

I'm glad to see you have started posting on your blog!

Apparently, the Iraqis who criticize translators don't understand are sacrificing your safety FOR your country, not against your country. The Americans came into your country uninformed, under informed, or misinformed about a lot of things. Without translators to help them, they would make even more mistakes.

However, it must be frustrating, if the people you are working for don't always trust you. I understand they are cautious, because some translators have deceived them. We have a saying for the situation you're in - "You're between a rock and a hard place." In other words, there's no obvious or easy way to change or fix the situation you're in (translators are traitors or spies).

I hope you'll keep posting, and I'll pray for your safety.

Best Regards,

iraqi-translator said...

Hey Neurotica, you are the first person commented on my post, realy thank you for everything. problem.

seraphine....i wish too.

Anonymous.... thank you for your comment.

Solo....that's what i'm looking for here in my blog ( peace, friendship, and support )

Fayrouz....,thank you, unexpected visiting to my blog, realy welcome. welcome anytime.

Abbas Hawazin...."not to add many details" that is one of the things that took me much time to begin writing, you know man, i never worked in Booka (Jail in Basrah)and don't wish to visit it.

Bamboo.... you are right, and that's the reason that writing in english language not in arabic, because i'll never get any advantage from my arabic blog except the insulting.
Thank you

RhusLancia said...

Welcome, Iraqi-Translator! It's really cool to have your perspective added to the Iraqi blogosphere.

I think Abbas was warning you about revealing too much about yourself. There will probably be people who will try to find out who you are, who your family is, etc. and then use it against you however they can. In other words, keep your "blog sunglasses" on!

If that's not what Abbas meant, then sorry Abbas! (but take it from me then :)

Average American said...

Welcome translator!! I, among many will anxiously await your posts. You probably have a lot of knowledge to share with us. I add my concerns for your safety however. Be careful what personal information you give out. You will see much trafic to your site right from the beginning as you are already listed over at "Iraqi Blogger Central" and I'll add you to mine also, as will many others I'm sure. Good luck and may God watch over you and your loved ones!